A hospital owed no duty of care to future patients of a physician who had left its employ and resumed practicing medicine with another employer, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled.  Robert Roe, et al. v. Children’s Hospital Medical Center, SJC-11533 (Mass. Oct. 1, 2014).

From 1966 until 1985, Melvin Levine, a

Like other employers trying to make careful hiring decisions,  health care employers often make pre-hire inquires regarding applicant credit histories and base  hiring decisions, in part, on credit reports obtained.  In a growing trend, many states have proposed legislation prohibiting or substantially limiting the practice.  Nebraska recently introduced two bills to limit the use of

The use of credit checks by employers as an employment selection criterion is under scrutiny both federally and at the state level.  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on October 20, 2010, met to review potential policy implications of employers’ use of such credit checks.  The agency has already brought a legal challenge to the